Mic-ing up the DrumSet

I thought as long as I was discussing drum sets I would continue with various mic-ing techniques. I will preclude this with indicating that this pretty much pertains to the genre of pop, rock and most country.

Lets start with the kick drum. There is a plethora of good mics for kick drum. Some of my favorites are the EV RE20, AKG D112, Shure Beta 52, 91, Beyer M88, Neumann U47fet, U87 and the Sennheiser 421. I do want to say that the use of a speaker woofer as a microphone is very cool. You can buy a manufactured one or make one yourself. I’ll tell you how later on. Anyhow, use a dynamic mic inside the shell pretty close to the batter head aimed at the beater for more of a click/snap or halfway between the center and the edge of the head for more tone. I also have found that the Shure 91 placed on the “pillow” works extremely well. If you have a speaker/mic place that as close as possible to the resonance head, like 1 inch. (Hint, you may need to change the phase in mix to match the other mics when mixing.) I also like to put a mic about 2 feet in front of the kick drum. Use a nice large diaphragm condenser for this. Something else I like to do is create a tunnel from the kick drum towards the room. I take a heavy packing blanket or heavy comforter and place it over a couple of mic boom stands. This does a few things. It directs the sound of the drum towards the outside mic and it also helps keep the sound from the toms and cymbals from getting into the kick mics.

Feel free to comment & let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own.

Drum Kit Mic-ing

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