Recording Tips for Recording Main/Lead Vocals

Get the best mic you can afford. Unless you don’t care how your vocals sound do the aforementioned.

This will be a large diaphragm condenser model with at the very least a $1000 price tag. Many top vocalists of today go thru a signal chain worth upwards of $20,000. Vocals are king!

Here are some of my recommendations: Neumann U87, TLM103, U67, M147, U47, U47fet. AKG C-12, C414. B.L.U.E. KIWI, Cactus. Shure KSM 44, KSM 32. There are many other great mics, these are the ones I am most familiar with. Experiment with different mics. Borrow them from friends. Find the one that works best for you or the singer. After you have the mic use a really nice mic pre-amp. Here again spend some money! A single channel will set you back about $1500 for a decent unit.

Your signal chain should be mic – preamp – compressor – eq – recorder.

A lot of todays music is heavily compressed, vocals included. Engineers are using ratios of 10 to 1 and upwards while recording and mixing vocals. Don’t do it. Keep the dynamics in your music. Use settings around 4-6 to 1 recording and mixing if need be.

If the vocals get lost going from verse to chorus or vice versa use fader automation to even it out, not compression.

What are your microphones to use for recording vox?

. Record . Mix . Master . Music .
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