Smart Studios Documentary

Currently in production is a documentary about Smart Studios – one of the Midwest’s music industry’s best kept secrets. 😉

This is the story of Smart Studios, Midwest music, bands, old vans, clubs, records stores, shit food, beer, guitars, weather, sound, people, flyers, cassettes, labels, radio stations, VHS footage, trucks crashing into buildings, the guts of Wisconsin, the glory of american rock, New Orleans Take Out, confessions, pizza, analog, cotton mouth, candles, tambourines, razor blades…

Tons of music… Interviews with members of – Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Killdozer, L7, Die Kreuzen, Tar Babies, Mecht Mensch, Poopshovel, Appliances, Spooner, DCFC, Garbage, Freedy Johnston, Ivory Library, Go Motion, Singing Irishman and more!

Want to submit something?

Please send photos, video, stories, etc to Wendy Schneider via email:

For more info you can check out the Facebook page

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