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Great Mix provides Mastering as well as On-Location Recording, Mixing, and more.

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What We Offer

Location Recording  ||   stereo concert/performance or multitrack.

Location Video Production  ||   simple 1-3 camera recording and/or streaming live

Mastering  ||   with over 28 yrs experience, this is our specialty.

Audio Restoration / Transfer  ||   cleaning up background noise, clicks, etc., transfer of cassette, vinyl 33,45,78 & reel to reel to digital files / CD.

Recording / Mixing  ||  mulit-tracking in the studio, post-recording, professional mixing.

Our History

Jacques Sewrey started his interest in recording at a very early age. Always intrigued by sound and electronics, as a child he took stuff apart to see how it worked and at age 14 got his first audio recorder. Playing drums in rock bands all through junior high and high school he set up the PA systems and did simple recordings of the bands. Jacques entered the professional market after graduating from Full Sail Recording Workshop in 1980 with a certificate in basic and advanced recording engineering. Working in various studios around town, Jacques honed his skills until 1994 when he opened his own studio, Great Mix Recording. Since then he has recorded and produced countless bands and artists in the Milwaukee area. He also has played cello in local community orchestras, he can read a music score, and has over a decade of live sound reinforcement experience. Currently he records live acoustic concerts for many local organizations and Masters recordings for local area bands and artists.

News & Events

  • First Half / 2022
    All I can say is WOW! All my past clients called and booked recordings. Incredible start to 2022. I even added some new clients. Plenty of video recording/editing as well. Many thanks to: > MYSO > Concord Chamber Orchestra > Concordia University Wisconsin Choir > Waukesha Area Symphonic Band > Lutheran Chorale Milwaukee > Marquette University Alumni Choir > Hartland Community Band

    A bit of band live sound mixing as well.

  • Second Half / 2021
    Adding Video Services to my product line up. Streaming and recording. Multiple cameras and production.

  • Second Half / 2021
    Finally opening up again. Booking for CUW and Concord Chamber Orchestra in the Fall

  • First Half / 2021
    Another closed choir performance for CUW

  • December / 2020
    Audio for a closed video stream with The Docksiders

  • December / 2020
    A quickie closed choir performance for Concordia University.

  • 2020
    The year of the pandemic. all stop. Thanks to all who have done biz with me. Looking forward to 2021.

  • December / 2019
    Hartland Community Band, live performance recording at Holy Hill

    Wisconsin Lutheran College, 3) performance recordings for Holiday release 2020

    October /2019
    Live multitrack recording at The Pabst for the Docksiders

    August / 2019
    Sound for Polka Fest (sponsered by Sabbatic Bar)

    July / 2019
    Sound for Arlo Fest (sponsered by Mobcraft), Sound for Street Fest (sponsered by Mobcraft)

    May / 2019
    Live Gospel recording/event, Toyianne Bracey

    April / 2019
    Thanks to all my clients of the past year. MYSO, Concord Chamber Orchestra, Concordia University Wisconsin (Choir & Handbells), Wisconsin Lutheran College Choirs

    December / 2018
    Hartland Community Band, live performance recording at Holy Hill

    July / 2018
    Mixing Live Sound for Tribute Island Festival, Kenosha

    Mixing Live Sound for Streetlife


    May / 2018

    Thanks to all the organizations I recorded this past season: MYSO, Concord Chamber Orchestra, Concordia University Wisconsin Choirs & Bells, Waukesha Area Symphonic Band, UWM Community Orchestra, Vox Antigua

    July / 2017
    Mixing Live Sound for Streetlife

    June / 2017
    Live Remote Multi-track recording for Curtis Eubanks.

    Mixed songs for Wavy V project

    May / 2017
    Live Remote Multi-track recording for Marcus McFarlin.

    Thanks to all the organizations I recorded this past season: MYSO, Concord Chamber Orchestra, Concordia University Wisconsin Choirs & Bells, Waukesha Area Symphonic Band, UWM Community Orchestra

    October / 2016
    Studio recording for self-released project, Wavy V.

    August / 2016
    Gearing up for this school year, recording live instrumental concerts.

    July / 2016
    Sound engineering for St. James Congregation outdoor Mass.

    May / 2016
    Sound engineering for Falls Patio Players production of My Fair Lady.

    April / 2016
    Mastered album release for ZMBPCK

    February / 2016
    Live sound engineering for a special concert at Alliance Bible Church.

    November-December / 2015
    Multiple concert performance recordings for Concord Chamber Orchestra, Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, UWM University Community Orchestra, Hartland Community Band.

    November / 2015
    I had the pleasure of recording a private piano recital given by Fr. for the Sisters of the Order of St. Francis of Assisi.

    October / 2015
    Great Mix would like to welcome new clients Waukesha Area Symphonic Band and Concordia University Wisconsin Choir.

    September / 2015
    Live multi-track recording of James Hines (gospel artist) for upcoming live record release.

    July / 2015
    EW Porter Jr. & the Texas Crude, re-master album project from the 80's.

    June / 2015
    VIVO, Master album release.
    Wisconsin Lutheran College, assemble & Master album project to be released in December.

    May / 2015
    Waukesha Area Symphonic Band, concert recording
    Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, several concerts recorded.

    April / 2015
    Tiffany B, live multitrack recording of concert performance.

    March / 2015
    Palladino, master 3 song demo.

    February / 2015
    Finishing up on Wisconsin Lutheran College Choir recording to be released fall of 2015.

    January / 2015
    Mastered 4 song EP for Chicago band Purple Door.


    December / 2014
    Recorded the Concord Chamber Orchestra at the Saint Josaphat Basilica.

    September / 2014
    Mastering for Jay Matthes self release, "A Drier Place"


    Music edit for a Cheer performance.

    78 transfer and clean-up.

  • February / 2014
    Mastering for Joe Jordan "Give Love" album.


  • January / 2014
    Mastering 6 song EP for Strongest Swimmers.


    Mastering 5 song EP for Mark Harrig.

  • December / 2013
    Mastering 6 song EP for Tyler Moench.


  • November / 2013
    Multi-track audio for video shoot. Artist, jazz singer "Cassandra".


  • August / 2013
    Mastering 10 song album for Tim Korry.


  • July / 2013
    Recording string trio for iTunes release.

    Mastering WLC Concert Choir recordings for Fall release.

  • June / 2013
    Mastering 12 song project for Lumen Christi Ministry.

    78 rpm transfer project.

    Live concert recording for Composers & Schools in Concert along with the Milwaukee High School of the Arts Music Dept. http://composersandschools.com

  • May / 2013
    Mixing 10 song project for Andy Doyle.

    Finished up a great recording season with Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, Concord Chamber Orchestra & Nicolet High School Music Dept.

  • April / 2013
    Build out of a Mixing / Recording room - follow this project step by step!